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Spaces Once Hold Memories? Trelex Amazon Residency

Trelex Amazon Residency Reflections,
I could write two posts to describe the amazing space that Trelex Amazon and Rainforest Expeditions provided for us, one for Refugio and one for TRC (Tambopata Research Centre.) The lodges are incredible. Being in a jungle and far away from the world is an exhilarating experience. Having a whole month in the rainforest and in this environment allowed me to relax and absorb the space, the people, the jungle and myself. The art of exploration could not get any more comfortable and luxurious.Was I spoiled? Yes, very much so and I love the memory that stays with me.
I developed 2 major bodies of work during my residency in the Amazon at the Rainforest Expedition Lodges. One of them is a photography series and the other one is experimental electronic soundscapes.
Experimental Soundscapes: Ayse Balko, Amazon, Come To Tower With Me                                         Listen on:    Soundcloud
Photography Gallery Spaces Once Hold Memories:

Displacement - Memor…
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Eternity: A Journey

 At the end, when the sound mates with dance,  I give birth to a painting.
The Heart Painting:  Size 2x1meter

TO ME in 2013-14:

With a curiosity and a want to see my HOW MANY (3-4-5) dimensional thought patterns and intentions on a canvas as 2-dimensional paint marks had been haunting me when I was practicing my tai-chi in my studio on a cold February evening in 2012.

Tai-Chi Warrior 2x1 meter
I stepped over a piece of board, poured some paints on it and carried on doing my ta-chi session. Since then my feet have been in many paint splashes across the world.
Each painting is a map of intentions set, a non-verbal dialog. I feel as if my body is a brush of a calligrapher and I move with the breath.
The calligrapher is the designer of the system and it is so vivid as the raw, primal force which can be connected through rituals.

A Shaman performs the ritual with paint, sound and dance to connect with the calligrapher.



The chose was between a fancy knot at the end of a rope or to paint. Size: 1x2meters

Butter Dark, A photo Essay

This is my attempt to be invisible in a city.


Toast Magazine Oil Paintings Exhibition Review: COUNTLESS

Toast Magazine Review
COUNTLESS @ RIVERSIDE Aysegul THORNETT’s above the bar gallery show was billed as a step into the subconscious mind. Oil paint, acrylic and pastel create the impression that, with this show, I have perhaps stepped into the dreams of a mad woman.  This Sheffield based painter, sculptor and performance artist uses canvas and cardboard to display the inner workings of a mind that is searching to find a balance between the culture she was raised in and the one that she now lives and works within.   The Riverside endeavour to support the local art scene and its upstairs room compliments the works on show. Its white space, flowing river and a smattering of locals who are eager to have a chat about the arts, enriching the works as only our city knows how.   The jumble of ideas collide and contrast resulting in works such as Loverman; a ghostly and alluring piece which is offset against harsher abstract…

Exploring Colour as a Concept,

I would like to share the thought process during my researches and show how a small project evolves from big and inexpensive ideas :) It takes a journey to become small but yet meaningful.

05/01/2014 DAY:1 Researching colour and how we perceive colour, natural and synthetic dyes and so on. That is a well known fact that we perceive the colour accordance to the reflected light wave length. A red flower means, the light in the red wavelength is reflected from the surface of the flower so this is why and how we see the flower as red flower. So it evokes a question I would like to dig in to:  ***lala***  Does that mean the colour of red is the rejected colour, the 'unaccepted, unwanted' one, the one which can not penetrate through the substance?  The blue spectrum is absorbed. It is the part of the nature of the flower. So it means the flower is not red,  but it is blue.  It rejects red but becomes one with the blue. Only if I have a device, which when I point it to the flower it will sh…

A Sense of Space with Herve Perez 1

2 weeks ago on Saturday, I did long and deep stretch. I felt my body wanted to do so. It felt good for my lower back and my groin area first until I went out for a run at the Mill House Park. I literally could manage to do half an hour jog and my right hip was in agony. It was the weirdness sensation in my inner leg and outer hip join. From the inside of my foot to off the knee, slightly inside towards back of the knee, there was this pain as if my muscles are being torn apart with each step. I had to walk back home under the rain gave me an insight on how the muscles are connected from my lower back to my foot. The first attempt to do some moves was last Wednesday on 26th November at the Bank Street Arts gallery with Herve and his alto sax. Although the week before Herve's reiki session eased my pain, my movements were restricted I dance and paint with my bare feet with live improvised music as one of my ongoing projects. Knowing I have limitations draws me back in at the times I a…

A Sense of Space

Sense of Space, evokes a question about space. What is space? What is the content and context?  What does a space contains? The architecture, the people, mood, intention, attention, nature. To me, it is all of the above. It is the interaction between the history, time, intention, theory, knowledge , the silence, the mood we bring in, the thoughts we carry, the floor, the window if there is any...  'How does it make me feel' or my reflection of the exchange in between all the components is the sense part of the Sense of Space'. Shall I include the time in the concept as well, because I cannot visualise any space without a time factor. Then the fabric of the visuals and interwoven exchange starts to take a different form.
Now I see forms through music and I create these forms as 3D movement to be traced by paint marks on the floor. As if the traces of fast moving train in the space with time

A Moral Refugee, Empowerment Through Acceptance

In the bases of being a moral Refugee. Being a refugee is not being a victim. As a refugee, you can empower yourself by believing your power, inner gentle strength and uniting with positive attitude organisations and people. You can find your way out from undesired circumstances. The road for empowerment is from accepting the situation you are in, not in a victimised way but in a clear headed, focus minded, looking for solutions and willing to carry on with always positive attitude to reach the destination.
Even though being a refugee is a catastrophic life changing/transforming state/experience, you have to have right attitude to get over it and put your life into its rail. Refugees are generally victimised. The power to change anything comes within and let no fear and victimisation enter there.  Believe you can make a difference in your life. First have a clear look at where you are and then starting moving towards where you want to be without any hesitation .
Remember, however unique y…

Driving Force Behind The Journey

For all I know is, how we move, how we walk, how we breathe, how we stand is who we are... Who we are is a collection of personal interpretations of experiences we collect into our physical and non-physical-selves. Our physical movements create three dimensional patterns in the ether,air. As I know, how we move is who we are,  it means we create patterns of who we are in that particular moment of space and time, because we are also in continuous change and growth.   Our environment and outside forces have influences and effects on our emotions & thoughts in that specific frame of time. One of the most effective of these forces is music.  Music travels in the ether in the form of sound waves, as we all know. This is the root of <a href="" title="New Project, Commissioned by Journeys Festival, ArtReach: “Journey of UnBelonging”">"Journey of Unbelonging"</a> …

The Voice at the Migration Matters Festival, Commissioned by Arts on The Run

THE VOİCE has been commisioned by Arts on The Run.

The Voice is a 2 video projection on 3D objects sculpted by the artist. It is commisioned by the Arts on The Run, for the Migration Matters Festival.

The video projections are exploring the lost senses of the musician Mina Salama and the artist by following them in the city and during dance-painting practice.

İt nails how the values disintergrated when they felt lost by loosing their mother tongue and their every day interactions.

Premier Performance, Expectations Full Filled

It was such a successful night. Thanks to everybody who came and joined us. What a beautiful feeling to share a work which has been in a development for a while. It has worth every second of all those intense moments and thoughts.
We have created two paintings during the performance. Space was full and we had to turn down some people. 
This project is a beginning of many others. It is going to be a platform for artists to share pure and honest experiences with audiences.
---------------- I am so excited and a bit nervous. I know how strong the images created during live performance. So strong, intense, sharp... To be honest unique...  My anciety is not for the quality of the work, but we are going public... Everything we do, Joao, Mina and I is depending on our true honest emotional sharing and polylouge, creating new language during our non-verbal ex-change of dialogue.

Here is ArtReach's invitation to powerful live performance art project:
"ArtReach is delighted to invite you to t…

Journey of Unbelonging - Practice Session 1

Studio Session 1: with Mina Salama and Joao Simoe

We started the session one hour late around 2.30 pm at The Creative Arts Development Space (CADS) in Sheffield on 9/01/10, Thursday.
We can only actually, physically start the session around 4.30. It sounds easy to do, Mina is playing live music with his oud and ney flute, I will be dancing on the board and painting with my body movements, my feet are my brush.

What we do is not the actualisation of structure, we have to feel and connect with each other and one hundred percent mindfully being together is what enables me to create the paintings and enables Mina to compose his music.
There were long discussions on the story and journey and how to blend them together to make our individually personal stories visible to the audience. Different experiences in a structured but also free form style come together and become a separate personality in itself.
It all resolved when I went for a half an hour walk as the director-curator of the pro…

Development of Journey of UnBelonging

A Journey of UnBelonging combines live action painting, music composition and video projection and featuring three artists, two from refugee backgrounds. After a series of (so many) discussions, story/experience sharing, story boarding sessions, personal investigations & three development sessions in different warehouses in Sheffield, Mina Mikhail Salama (Egyptian composer/instrumentalist), Aysegul Balkose (Turkish/British performance & visual artist) and Joao Paulo Simoes (Portuguese independent director & film maker) . Conceptualised, produced and performed by Aysegul Balkose. It has been commissioned by <a href="">Journeys Festival</a>, ArtReach which is supported by Arts Council.
The piece is opening a journey of a refugee to the audience.  The piece premièred to an audience of 100 at the Curve theatre. Around 40% of the audience were refugees or asylum seekers and had never step foot in a theatre before. The atmosphere wa…

Movement Reflections

Movement Reflections is my new project which I have been working on it for the last 6 months on and off basis.  The idea first came as an hunch at my old studio at bloc studios which I made my first Movement Reflection painting based on Tai chi movements and called the painting "Tai Chi Warrior"
It is very exciting to see the project becoming alive now. I will be doing my first public performance on 5 December in Sheffield  at CADS for The Confluence Project, Contemporary Art and Music Collaborations , between 7pm till late.
I will be performing on live Jazz band and on to Algorave Techno, live coder-DJ Alex Mclean.
I will be painting with my feet onto a wide board feeding my tai chi and dance based movements with music and reflecting the 3 dimensional momentum into 2 dimensional paint marks.

Here are some links to my collaborators and to the event.
The Confluence Project AlgoRave with Yaxu CADS


"A Journey of UnBelonging" is a series of paintings, one short film with music composition created during 3 development sessions in different ware houses in Sheffield by refugee and immigrant artists in the purpose of expressing their own journeys of "UnBelonging". The expression of the conceptual inner journey of not-belonging is reflected on a large board in the form of painting through movements of the performance artist (Ayse) based on tai chi, acrobatics and dance. Ayse action paints with her feet by her dramatic movements directly influenced by Mina Salama's live improvised music. The piece is exploring and reflecting the dramatic change of the inner perception of refugee's journey towards finding sanctuary. But is there ever a sanctuary? The piece brings together three dimensions of artistic expression within the theme of cultural displacement - featuring Aysegul Balkose and Mina Mikhail Salama". The project is produced by Aysegul Balkose and comm…